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We asked these great illustrators some questions about their work and creative process.
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
About Tetsuya Toshima

Born in 1975. Mr. Tetsuya Toshima has been active in field of print and web graphics to TV programs, to interiors and fashion, all with the goal of visually communicating messages of concepts. Toshima says, "I don't choose production measures to express consciousness of time. Because of this I believe I can generate works which have a universality similar to that of time." Time is the major theme throughout Toshima's works.

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Tetsuya Toshima

How did you first get into illustration?

The concept of creating came to me naturally not only illustrations, but also music, movies, and paintings were always close to me and influenced me very much.

How would you best describe your style of illustration?

I am always competing against time. Time governs both life and death. The basis of time, past, present and future, act as proof of one’s existence. Therefore I sometimes fall into the illusion that I am being swept away in the flow of time. Time has a universality to it as it ticks by and bestows to my works a myriad of indefensible feelings and stories. I strive to create that universality in my works. Time is always fluid. I find the entangled fragments of stories in that fluidity and turn them into my works.

Please take us through your design process, where do you start?

I begin the process by going out searching for material, taking some photos and doing some sketches. The process also changes with what I would like to express at the time and what the client wants.

What tools do you use for your work?

I don't particularly decided on a tool for my work. A computer is a tool, and the software that accompanies with it is also a part of a tool. I think it is important not to be caught by a fixed idea.

When illustrating, do you sometimes get blocked for ideas? If so, how do you overcome that?

I forget about work and do something that I like and relax, such as watching a movie. By doing so, I am able to re-start from the beginning since new ideas would come up and my thoughts will be reset in a way.

What would be your ultimate goal as an illustrator?

I don't have any particular goal as an illustrator. I think creative expression also grows with myself. However, it is a daily objective to be in a position to continue send new messages as an artist.

What style music do you mostly listen to when you work?

I listen to jazz and classical music depending on the feeling at that time. It is not really relevant to when I work since I may work without any music on at all.

Do you have any advice for aspiring illustrators?

There is only one thing I can say to aspiring illustrators:”Value your individuality and continue moving forward without being afraid in changing your style in your creations. Although there are a variety of works out there, it's important to find your own style and not to be influenced by others work you see.”

What web sites would you recommend viewing?

I don't really have a site in particular that I can recommend as “this is it!”.

The work of Tetsuya Toshima:

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The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
The work of Tetsuya Toshima
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